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Grease Tank Cleaning

Martin’s Sanitation Service, Inc. provides regular maintenance schedules for pumping and cleaning your grease tanks arriving in clean modern trucks using state-of-the-art equipment such as high pressure water jetting and TV camera inspection. We provide 24 hour emergency service when those unexpected problems arise.

Commercial Services

With state-of-the-art equipment and mobile pumping systems, our certified professionals can help your business manage its wastewater needs. Martin's offers a complete solution to remove wastewater and dispose it according to KDHS guidelines in our own approved treatment facility.

  • On-call service for the Central KY area
  • Serving all types of commercial businesses, including restaurants
  • State-of-the-art fleet featuring 5 Pump trucks, 1 Aquatech™ combo truck, 8 service trucks and 10+ trailers

Facts for Restaurant & Grease Customers

Clogging and back-ups are caused by:

  • Improper maintenance and cleaning of drain lines and grease traps.
  • Improper cleaning techniques and practices within grease producing areas.
  • Pumping a grease trap does not eliminate clogging problems. The drain/sewer lines and connections must also be cleaned periodically.
  • A preventative maintenance program can help to eliminate problems and down time.
  • Jetting is the state-of-the-art technique for cleaning pipes and storage tanks that can be utilized in areas where a power snake has failed to open the clogged area.
  • High pressure water jetting can probe up to 500 feet, which is much further than a power snake that can only reach a distance of 100 feet.
  • You, the grease generator, are ultimately responsible for the removal and disposal of the waste being produced at your facility. If waste is disposed of illegally, the generator could be held legally accountable for the problem.
  • Although grease trap waste is made up of mostly water, it does contain a large amount of food waste and other products that are more difficult to recycle.
  • Any new restaurant must have a grease trap.
  • The Health Department & OSHA can close down a restaurant if the grease trap is not maintained properly.
  • City require periodic cleaning and proper maintenance of grease traps.
  • Regulations do not permit standing water in restaurants. If a spot check is completed by an inspector from the Department of Health and there is standing water in sinks, drains, etc. or if the grease trap has not been maintained, the grease generator can be fined and shut down.

Cleaning Grease Tanks

We offer comprehensive grease tank service to restaurants throughout Central & Eastern KY. Our grease trap cleaning services take care of your grease traps, inlet and outlet lines, tank walls, and baffles. Dispose of your grease at our KDHS-approved facility, and you'll receive a disposal manifest for your records.

Ensure your business doesn't incur any fines for grease by signing up for our maintenance program. We'll evaluate your system and set up a maintenance schedule. We'll take care of cleaning your grease trap and reporting to the municipalities, giving you one less thing to worry about.

How to Dispose of Car Wash Waste Legally & Economically

The waste produced by car washes is often difficult to haul, treat and dispose of. Most companies prefer not to haul the waste due to the high costs involved to collect and treat it. Treatment alone is a very complicated and time-consuming process for many haulers. Martin's has vacuum trucks, jetting equipment to clean the trucks, and an on-site treatment facility which makes it easier to service car wash customers. Martin's will haul and dispose of your car wash waste professionally and legally.

Although the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) prohibits car wash waste from being spread or dumped on fields and in other unauthorized areas, illegal and unauthorized dumping does occur and the legal ramifications are stringent. The facility generating the waste is ultimately responsible for that waste. It is important to hire a licensed hauler for your needs.