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Portable Toilets

Construction Site Restroom Services

Martin's Services handles all kinds of construction jobs from urban high-rises and interstate highways to residential and remodeling. No job is too big or too small. Regardless of the size of your job you can be assured we provide the highest level of prompt professional and courteous service in the industry. The productivity of your workforce is best when the right number of properly serviced restrooms are at the right locations on your job site.

Rentals -&- Services

We offer a large assortment of rental units and services. Whether it be for a construction or commercial project, the busy agricultural season, personal/business purposes, a special event, or emergency reasons we have just the right unit for your needs.

Basic Skid Mounted Units are stationary units that sit on the ground. They can have a urinal or an added sink inside for an additional fee.

Handicap/ADA Compliant Units are stationary units that meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act for our customers with special needs. They are much larger inside and makes maneuverability much easier. Whether you are injured or physically impaired, these units are ideal for you.

Our Hand Washing Stations are ideal for jobsites that require they follow OSHA’s guidelines, for weddings and special events where they will be serving food, and as a combination with a portable toilet so that you can wash your hands after leaving the restroom. This cuts down on the spread of germs that may cause illnesses. Each sink has two basins and faucets so that multiple people can wash their hands at the same time, and are foot pumped so they do not require power to be on site. Each sink comes stocked with soap and paper towels.

We have units that are set aside exclusively for special events such as weddings, funerals, parties, business gatherings, family reunions, concerts, dances, etc. These units are newer and nicer, so they will not be the same as if you were to order a unit for a construction site. We offer special discount packages for these units, so make sure to call for specific prices. We can make your units gender specific if need be as well. Just specify your needs, and we will help you the best that we can.